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The projects and events of each school have the tendency to turn into traditions, creating the school’s image. This is a short overview of our most important traditions.

Acknowledging the Person of the Month

The school board hands out the Person of the Month nominations for students, employees and friends of TRK. The nominations go to people who have provided their help in creating TRK’s positive image and whose accomplishments are of great admiration both in and out of Tartu.

Opening Ceremonies

Traditionally, the first graders are accompanied to their first public ceremony by the ninth graders.    

Sports Day

The Autumn Sports Day held in Tartu University stadium welcomes the whole school.

The Autumn Exhibition

Every autumn the primary school students turn various autumn features into colorful exhibits which are then put up for the public eye.


Preschool carries the responsibility of introducing school’s environment and supporting each newcomer. It ends with a fun final gathering.

Teachers’ Day

Each Teachers’ Day is different and special, cheering both teachers and the students who get to teach that day. Also, a public ceremony will be held where the children get the chance to show their skills.

Our birthday

Our school’s birthday is celebrated at the very beginning of each December. In the morning, traditional candy is provided in the lobby, followed by merry ceremonies in the assembly hall.

Christmas Concert and other activities

Various activities and parties are held for students of all ages the week before Christmas. The week culminates in a Christmas Concert in St. John’s church.

Primary School Reading Night

The Reading Night, which takes place in the heart of winter, is an event that carries the idea of increasing interest in reading amongst the primary schoolers. The children get to meet and talk to well-known children’s writers. Besides that, the teachers will arrange workshops and proceed with various activities related to playful reading.

School Theatre

The Estonian and German theatrical groups perform several exciting and funny spectacles throughout the school year.

Intra-School Competitions

The PE teachers are in charge of organizing monthly competitions for the students, which provides a great chance for the kids to challenge each other.

Independence Day Events

Traditionally, Estonia’s birthday is celebrated with various public ceremonies, concerts, exhibitions, quizzes, and exciting encounters with famous people (in the picture: Ivo Linna, ambassador of the Estonian Cultural Heritage Year). For many years, a shooting competition dedicated to the Independence Day has been held.

Ceremonial Reception for the Best

The best students, their parents and the class teachers are invited to the Ceremonial Reception. After a concert the head master gives his best to everyone and welcomes them to a coffee table.

German Language Skills Competition for the ninth graders

The tradition of the German Language Skills Competition was initiated by TRK in 2010. The participants come from various schools of the town and its county. The competition consists of two parts (writing and speaking) and takes into account four language skills: listening, reading, language structures and speaking.


The Spring Concert is a merry spring celebration that gives the choirs, singers, reciters, actors, and dancers a chance to perform the songs, dances, and spectacles acquired throughout the school year. The Spring Concert of 2013 was organized by the students.

for students who have stood out at competitions and contests

Traditionally, the students who have stood out at competitions and contests get the chance to visit an exciting sight in Estonia before the end of the school year. Matsalu, Sinimäed Hills, Pokuland, Piusa caves, Seaplane Harbour and Estonian TV history museum are just of the few sights already visited.

Exciting Encounters

Traditionally, the school organizes exciting encounters with people of various professions. In the picture, the children and our head master meet the TU/Rock basketball team, after which we became the official Rock BC fans’ school and thus have a poster in the lobby with the autographs of all the players and coaches.

Schoolyear’s Final Ceremonies

All the students (except the ninth graders) gather to end the school year and take part in a public ceremony which is quite often held outside the schoolhouse.

Graduation Ceremonies

Both sad and cheerful, it is more likely a happy day. Students thank the teachers and say their goodbyes.

Participation in various projects

Our school is an active participant in various international and national projects. For the students, our aim is to widen their minds and develop their social and language skills. Here are some photos of their doings.

The teachers and students with their Comenius project friends from Finland, Sweden, Germany, and Italy in spring 2013, Gothenburg.

The II School Olympic Games for primary school students sponsored by Estonian Olympic Academy and TU Sports Club in spring 2013 are hopefully the beginning of a new tradition.

One of the highlights of 2013 were the project days “Igas aines on ainest“ held in October, which took place for the first time and gave students the freedom to choose and participate in 40 different workshops within 2 days.

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